I/C Founder:
Mr. Mahmoud Nouri has been chairman of board and manages .director of Iran Cartography Consulting Engineers
From 1967 to 2010 .44 years experience in internal & international stages & leading more than 900 Civil & Technical Projects result in his success in managing position.
In 1955 He was graduated in Geomatic colleague in Iran then in1957 he keeps on his studying in Geodesy & photogrammetry technology engineering in Delft, Netherlands. In 1961 after graduation in this University, he left to England and Switzerland and passed post graduate course of polytechnic university of this tow countries after his returning to Iran he established Iran Cartography Consulting ,
 Engineers Company and placed his name as the first founder of Geomatic photogrammetry & Geodesy science in Iran.
As a new Co. he has been, incontact to, we can point to some like Professors Ackerman, Craws,
Jerry, Sing, Gosh, Eng. Pour kamal and His brother, Professor. Ali Nouri.
After decades of activity one of his companies honor is 110 of its personal has been gone to retirement, via our Co. by social security of IRAN.